The Great Pyramid of Motorcycles

The Great Pyramid of Motorcycles

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Communication Organization of Indian Army's Dare Devils team, with 10 motorcycles on the pyramid formed by 201 people on July 5, 2001 129 m. going to have registered records.

1991 since June 11 to develop a record-breaking team records for recently 'made ​​a new trial. General Deepak Kapoor's 251 soldiers, 240 meters from the motorcycle, going to 11, according to the Act in this trial not yet included in the book almıyor.Moto

In 1991 Gwalior 'first record in the 400 meters with 40 people going seven motorcycles, 1993, the second record in the 200 meters with 81 people on a motorcycle ever broken 9. In 1996 a record 140 people, 11 motorcycles, with the newly developed 100 meters, 4 record in 2001 10 motorcycle, 201, broken with a distance of 100 meters.


Longest Motorcycle SürüşüMoto Reverse Current

On October 4, 2006 as a motorcycle 150 miles to the opposite in China with the owner of record on Hou Xiaobin.

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